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MicaBeauty Cosmetics Affiliate Program

Welcome to the MicaBeauty Cosmetic family of Affiliates!!!

Do you love talking about makeup?

Do you have a makeup video channel you promote on?

Does your website attract beauty or makeup lovers?

Do you have a strong social media following of makeup lovers?


Don’t just talk about makeup! start earning with makeup!

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Mica Beauty Affiliate Program Highlights

22% Primary Commission

Ongoing Consumer Promotions

3 Tier Commission System

Tier 1: 8% Commission 

Tier 2: 5% Commission 

Tier 3: 5% Commission

 Life Time Cookie Duration

Vanity Promo Code – Personalize a promotion code to distribute. Everyday Free Shipping on Domestic orders $60+ & $100+ Int’l orders
Subscription Products Recurring commission on customer subscription orders as long as they remain a customer.

How Does It Work?

You have the opportunity to feature Mica Beauty on your site or share with social media followers. This gives you the opportunity to not only purchase products you already use and love, but you can talk about the quality and benefits and earn a commission on all sales each time your visitors complete and purchase at Introduce your followers to amazing products that sell themselves.

What is a 3 Tier Commission System?

The tier system offers your affiliates the ability to recruit other affiliates from whom they can then in turn earn tier commissions from. So, if for instance, Bonnie refers Jane, Bonnie would earn a tier commission each time Jane delivers and earns a primary commission.

Let’s assume Jane refers a customer and the order amount is $100.00.

In this case, Jane earns a commission of $22.00 (22% of $100.00) and Bonnie will earn a tier commission as well for $8.00 (8% of $100.00). Now carry this into tiers 2 & 3. Jane referred Sally and Sally referred Jeffery.

Let’s go to tier 3 and assume Jeffery refers a customer and the order amount is $100.

In this case, Jeffery Earns commission of $18.00 (18% of $100.00). This is where it gets fun!

Sally earns $8.00 (8% of $100.00)
Jane earns $5.00 (5% of $100.00)
Bonnie earns $5.00 (5% of $100.00)


Join and start promoting and earning today.

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