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About Mica Beauty

In 2011, Mica Beauty started with a vision to create a harsh chemical free cosmetic line with the highest standards of professional quality. 

We are now an international leader in the world of cosmetics shipping worldwide.

Mica Beauty’s Mineral Makeup consists of natural powders which are made of minerals and formulated without unnecessary additives. Mica Beauty Mineral Makeup delivers a natural look with great coverage in just minutes…

I actually thought the peel was good, I purchased it about a year ago used it all up. It took great to my skin and I have acne skin. I also absolutely love your foundation!


This really must be the best-kept beauty secret in the world? I have been using Mica Beauty Mineral Foundation for nearly ten years now, throughout my thirties. I have my sisters and Mum using it too. We will never change! Perfect for day, buildable for night. Warms and works with your skin to give an even and flawless base. A kabuki is essential, as well as a spritz when your done…

Jean Ryan

Omg, I used this for the first time the other day, started out with no foundation in case there was any fallout, but nope. Not from the mattes, not from the shimmers. So I finished my face and then finished my eyes. Still not a tiny flake of fallout, shimmer applied without wetting the brush, and I didn’t have to use my finger, considering I have acrylic nails, it’s not always easy to apply eyeshadow with a fingertip and not blind myself…


It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that GLEAM! ✨ What's your favorite pretty-in-pink hue (top to bottom): ⁠⁠
💖 Hot Pink ⁠⁠
💗 Arrogance⁠⁠
💞 Aphrodite ⁠⁠
Leave the emoji below! #micabeauty #mica4me

⁠Can you say STUNNING?! 🙌 We've got over 70 incredibly high-shine, pigmented shades to saturate your lids with long-lasting color!

#MicaBabe @mayaagatha_mua used teal hue Tropic here for that amazing pop of color! ⁠⁠
Tip: Get creative! Brush a small amount of our Loose Mineral Eyeshadows on top of your favorite Mica matte Liquid Lipstick for a new shimmery shade that won't transfer! #micabeauty #mica4me

So good, you’ll wish you had two! 🤩🛒 Mica Beauty’s Refreshing Toner has a unique paraben-free formula fortified with natural plant extracts to leave your skin feeling soft, supple and refreshed! Made with:⁠⁠
✨ Ginseng⁠⁠
✨ Aloe⁠⁠
✨ Chamomile comfrey⁠⁠
✨ Burdock roots⁠⁠
✨ Rose petals⁠⁠
Want to explore more of our clean skincare range? Head on over to to shop! #micabeauty #mica4me

Like a tropical vacation, for your lids 😉🏝️ Beauty @jocelinexmakeup is rocking loose shimmer shade Tahiti for this golden goodness. ⁠⁠
Did you know our eyeshadow formula is loaded with skin-healing minerals to nourish your skin? It's hero ingredient, mica, is hailed by skincare experts! Ditch the chemical-filled makeup and grab our cruelty-free, clean, nontoxic formulas. #micabeauty #mica4me

Meet our secret weapon to beat dry skin this season! 😉 Mica’s Moisturizer Cream for healthier, hydrated skin is packed with nutrients that penetrate deeply to help protect the skin from within.⁠

Got sensitive skin? Good news babes: it’s suitable for ALL skin types, including mature, delicate and sensitive! 💕#micabeauty #mica4me

It’s not just called the Rose Gold Collection because of it’s packaging ... our 24k Peeling Gel actually contains ✨ GOLD! ✨ Gold is an amazing antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties. ⁠⁠
Shop the 24k Peeling Gel and our Perfecting Facial Serum at, which are must-haves to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and to leave skin feeling so refreshed! 🧖🏾‍♀️ #micabeauty #mica4me