Halloween Contest

Come one, come all, Micaholics! It’s finally that fun, frightful & fabulous time of the year where we can venture out into the night, feeling the rush of mischief, transformed into just about anything or anybody we wish! So what will it be? The glitz and glam of Marilyn Monroe for an evening? A zombie bride making terrors all across town? How about a horrifying monster, emerging from the thick of the Haunted Woods just to terrorize on Halloween night? Whatever daring character you indulge in, we want to see your Halloween handiness! This year, a simple snapshot of your Halloween makeup could land you huge MicaBeauty prizes!


1. Take a selfie in your finest #MicaMysterious Halloween Makeup -Glammed up, Gouled-out and every captivating look in between! We want to see your finest masterpiece brought to life for Halloween!

2. In the photos description on Instagram, name the full list of products you used to create your MicaMysterious Masterpiece! -(Be as specific as possible… brands, names, etc.)

3. Hashtag: ‘MicaMysterious’ before posting -Don’t forget this important step, ‘my pretties’! This is where submissions will be found!

4. Upload photo to Instagram!

5. Tune in to our Instagram page on Wednesday, November 5th as the $300.00 winner is announced!


Rules and Regulations:

-You MUST follow @MicaBeauty on Instagram to participate.

-Submissions that do not include a MicaBeauty product will NOT be considered.

-Contest is not valid through Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media network.

-Submissions must be on time. Early/late entries will not be reviewed.

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